Thursday, August 1, 2013

We're Back!

We are back and ready to rock this blog!  There is so much going on at KMXT right now that the building is abuzz with activity.  Well, as much as we are ever abuzz, that is.  But, really...the boys in engineering and programming have been busy putting together the programs for the new station based on the recommendations of the CAB and making the equipment needed ready.  There are new volunteers coming in the door nearly everyday, excited about the opportunity to get involved with KMXT and KODK.  You'll be hearing some familiar voices from the past on the air soon, too - stay tuned!

Speaking of rocking the house....KMXT's Run the Rock is just a couple of months away.  Start training now for the 5k, 10k, half marathon or go for the big kahuna, the marathon!  Bree Wittaveen has tips for your training program on the KMXT Run the Rock Blog.  Check it out here.

We've also opened the registration for the race on the KMXT website.  You can find waiver/registration forms and more information about the race here. 

Don't forget, KMXT is your public radio station.  if you have ideas, complaints or compliments, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Many thanks to all of our supporters

KMXT supporters come in all shapes and sizes, as does their support. I just wanted to say "Thank You" for supporting Community Radio here in Kodiak! Lots of folks called in their pledges of support and helped us reach our $35,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who helped here at the station, phone volunteers, on-air volunteers, baked goods providers, MyFive interviewers, and certainly MyFive interviewees! Stay tuned to the website, as we'll be posting those interviews soon for your listening pleasure.
It's the busy season here in Kodiak, be sure to check the KMXT Community Calendar when you're looking for something to do, or if you're looking to schedule something. Then send us an email at and we'll get your event on the calendar, and on the air. I'm pretty stoked about the Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside show that's coming up on the 29th. If you haven't heard their music, check out and get acquainted. Listen for cuts from the album on KMXT as well!
Thanks for listening, and thanks for supporting!
Matthew T

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to regular logging! And occasional blogging!

Hey there awesome listeners and readers ... both near and far!
It was an arduous two weeks, but we're done with this round of the super-detailed playlist logging. Thanks to all of the awesome on-air volunteers who went the extra mile and filled out song names, start times, duration, composer, artist, album, and record label for every song that went out over the airwaves (and internet stream). I'm currently in the process of getting all of that info put into a spreadsheet to send off to the powers-that-be. Then the artists can get their royalties!
I do enjoy knowing that we have the ability here at KMXT to play some lesser-known artists, artists that are just getting started, or artists that we may have forgotten about and get to hear again for the first time! I believe that our local programming is some the best I've heard. It's nice to have music lovers choosing the music we play. The variety and quality of tunes (and sometimes not tunes) on the radio make Kodiak a nicer place to live. Thank you for your continued support of Public Radio in Kodiak, Alaska. KMXT 100.1 FM!

Other goodness that's going around:
Congratulations to Andy Schroeder and Betsy Lund, who were married in Hawaii last week. Andy is a long-time volunteer here, and Betsy is a member of our Community Advisory Board. I consider them both good friends, and couldn't be happier! So when you see them next, give them a hearty congratulations!

Kodiak High School
Tune in Thursday evenings, just before the Island Messenger, and listen to In The Know, produced in the studios of KMXT by the Kodiak High School Student Council, where miracles happen... every day! Each week, Isaac and John and special guests deliver a insightful and humorous glimpse at the hip-happenings of Kodiak High School. A recap of the past week, a segment on current goings-on, and a look ahead to next week's events! Last week's show mentioned the possibility of Student Council members assuming crossing guard shifts, and just this morning, there they are helping the youngers across the street! We've got some genuinely good young folks here in Kodiak. We ask the fellas to keep the show to around 7 minutes, but if you want to hear the extended director's cut each week, check it out on their Facebook page. Just click here: KHS In The Know Radio Facebook Page. While you're there, "Like" their page and give them some constructive feedback! And of course tune it in on KMXT 100.1 FM every Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Volunteer Training
The next volunteer training will be set up a little bit differently. We're going to try and do it for 2 Saturdays, to try and make it available for folks who can't come on weeknights. So set aside April 16 and 23 and get your on-air volunteer training on! Then the following Saturday, April 30, will be more information than you thought you'd want to know regarding the iMac and more specifically, MegaSeg. Shoot me an email at, or call me at 486-3181 if you'd like to get in on any of this goodness.

I've probably gone on too long already, so I'll sign off. Have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Christmas tree and all the trappings are down. :(
Now to get going with 2011!
The music that had been on the NEW MUSIC shelf for a while (several months) is now in the general stacks. All of the new cds that were accumulating in my drawer are now on the NEW MUSIC shelf. There is much goodness in there. There is also much good stuff in the big library. I previewed alot of the cds on their way to the library, and there are some gems in there. On top of the CD Exchange drawers, there is a pile of the paper releases that come with the new cds. Feel free to look through those to get a glimpse of what we've received. Of course, feel free also to come in anytime and preview new music (or old music) at the listening station.
New Music at KMXT - Come take a listen!

There is a Volunteer Training Class beginning next Tuesday, January 18, at 6 p.m. Tell your friends!
Do you have a favorite shift? Are there any shifts you shy away from? Let me know what I can do to make your time here as rewarding and energizing as possible. My phone line and email are always open! Thank you each for your continued support of KMXT and providing top-notch music to the Kodiak community!
Matthew T

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spotlight 01/05/2011 - Tapes 'n Tapes

Coming up on today's Spotlight. We'll play as much as we can of the new album "Outside" from Tapes 'n Tapes. Tune in for the news at noon, and keep it locked for some music.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Let me first thank everyone for making 2010 an awesome year here at KMXT. It is a privilege and an honor for me to get to participate in this station, and I really can't say enough about the positive role I believe KMXT plays in the Kodiak community. I'm certainly looking forward to all 2011 has in store for the volunteers, the station and the community!
It was suggested to me several years ago that in lieu of making resolutions for the new year, a more affirmative alternative is to look back on the coming year as though it were New Year's Eve of the following year. So I'm jumping ahead to December 31, 2011 and reflecting on what a good 2011 we had.
KMXT's Volunteers came out swinging in 2011!
From day one of this year, the On-Air Volunteers were in top form. We trained a record number of new volunteers this year, and got lots of additional production training for veterans. We're solidly into producing awesome local programs for HD-2 and HD-3, and KMXT 100.1 FM is thriving with stronger-than-ever shows. We even had a music show get picked up nationally! Well played!

KMXT's 35th Year one for the record books!
Building on the momentum of our Fall/Winter 2010 Membership drive, KMXT's fund raising efforts in 2011 have been the best we've ever seen. More segments of the community are taking pride and ownership in KMXT, and every day this year brought new ways of meeting our mission: educate, entertain, enlighten and empower the public; to foster a deeper understanding of events, ideas and cultures in a fair and responsible manner; to provide a communications and emergency link; and to encourage public participation in this mission...
Thanks to everyone for participating!
The historic programming during the year was excellent. It was super cool to hear snippets from our history as a station as well as our history as a community.
We had top-billed entertainers stop by the station and perform live, in addition to their shows in town. Pam's tour with Lindsey Buckingham was a smashing success!
KMXT's News team at the top of their game!
The KMXT News Team continues to be unstoppable. Jay, Jacob, and Maggie received many accolades and awards from their fellow broadcasters and national news organizations, not to mention Jay's Nobel Peace Prize and Jacob's Nobel Prize for Chemistry. And we get to hear them every day! The Alaska Fisheries Report celebrated its 25th year and continues to be a bright spot on radio stations across the state! And who could forget the news of the year, Jock-of-the-Rock won a Peabody Award! Well done guys!
Infinite thanks to YOU for making 2011 our best year yet!
This station doesn't happen without you. Thank you for all you do! Here's to a great 2012!

When you look back on this coming year, what do you see yourself and the station having accomplished? Post your thoughts in the comments below. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

This is the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Greetings to you wonderful volunteers and readers of the volunteer blog.
Glancing down at the date of the previous entry to this blog, I notice it's been a few weeks. So here goes, getting back on track.
I'm still hearing about what a great fund drive we had, and how much people enjoyed folks' "Pick 5" songs. And thanks cannot be given enough to each person who supported us and continues to support public radio in Kodiak!
December has always been an important and enjoyable month for me. As I stated before, I love Christmas and the music that comes with that. That's been the case since childhood. More recently, however, my wife and I began our courtship in December several years ago, we were married in December, my nephew (the first of the immediate family) was born in December, and now 2 more birthdays are added. On December 12, my wife gave birth to our first two children. Aldous James and Ivy Adele were born at 8:31 and 8:32 a.m. respectively, a few weeks early, but healthy as can be. They went home together 2 days later. Many thanks to the doctors, nurses, and staff at PKIMC for taking such good care of Heather, Aldous, and Ivy. So that's where my focus has been the last 2 weeks. This experience has been a vivid example of how supportive and awesome this Kodiak community is. Thanks to everyone for everything!
Many thanks to Mike, Pam, Jay, Fred, Jacob, Maggie, and you, volunteer, for picking up my slack here at the station while I was gone. I'm glad to be back at my desk and looking forward to working with you to meet your goals as a volunteer. There's now a KMXT Volunteer Twitter feed (@KMXTVolunteers), so click on over and follow for short and sweet volunteer updates.

Happy Holidays to you and your friends and family!

Matthew T

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Membership Drive Redux

That's about sums it up. This week was all kinds of fun and the pace was at times hectic. If you haven't checked out our Facebook page in the recent past (i.e. the last 7 days) do that now. There you'll find photos of all the folks who participated in our Pick 5, as well as their song list. Stay tuned to our website, all of the Pick 5 interviews will be put up there soon. This couldn't have been possible without our volunteers and the support of our listeners. I think we all heard some songs we haven't heard in a while (or ever), and it was a nice glimpse into the psyche of the Pickers.

December is shaping up to be a busy month! I suppose that's no surprise. Skate with Santa is coming up on Saturday, December 18, from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Baranof Ice Rink. Ron and Sally will once again be spinning some holiday tunes for your skating pleasure. I'm looking forward to it. Tell your friends, and have them bring their children. Let's make this the most well-attended Skate with Santa yet!

Matthew T